Upper Eyelid Edema Treatment And Symptoms

Eyelid edema treatment is available but in order to be effective it is first necessary to establish what caused the condition in the first place. Eyelid edema occurs when the eyes are swollen and the eyelids contain excessive fluids. Edema of the eyelids can be caused by various factors. Sometimes eyelids edema is caused by an allergic reaction that one has to food, drugs, plan allergens or other. It can be also caused by a condition called trichinosis which occurs due to the consumption of uncooked or undercooked meat which can finally lead to eyelids edema. Infections are another common cause of edema of the eyelids and it is important that the patient seeks medical attention as soon as he or she notices the first symptoms of the condition. Complications can arise and some of them may harm the vision (such as orbital cellulites).

The symptoms of upper eyelid edema include swelling, itching and pain. Most of the time the affected eyelid becomes red and painful. Identifying the cause of the condition is crucial before treatment is started. In case the edema is caused by an infection, medical attention is required as soon as possible and infection is the first cause that must be ruled out with a proper diagnosis. In cases when the upper eyelid edema is caused by an allergen it is important that the patient avoids the specific allergen after the condition was treated.

Treatment of eyelid edemas includes cold compressions and immunosuppressive drugs. Corticosteroids creams may be helpful but using them requires extra care since steroids can cause cataracts and increase intraocular pressure if the cream gets into the eyes. It is thus mandatory that corticosteroids creams are used carefully so they do not reach the eye. This type of treatment is usually used under a doctor’s care. If the edema is caused by other underlying conditions such as trichinosis, they must be treated and edema will be cured as well. This condition is usually treated with anti-parasite medication, pain relievers and corticosteroids. No matter the cause of edema the patient can receive medication which will decrease the discomfort. Eyelid edemas cannot be cured with eyelid surgery.

The best one can do when it comes to edemas is preventing them. Preventing edemas usually reduce to avoiding the allergenic substance that causes it. If the allergenic substance is not identified it can lead to recurrent episodes. Also, a personal hygiene is mandatory. Since the area surrounding the eyes is so sensitive every individual is recommended to avoid touching the eyes and the area surrounding the eyes when the hands have not been cleaned. Different persons can be allergic to different substances so nobody actually knows when or what can trigger one’s allergic reactions. In some cases, make up can lead to edema is there is a lack of eyelid hygiene. One should remove the eye make up daily and not leave it over night.

To conclude, eyelid edema treatment is available and effective if prescribed by a specialist after the cause was identified but a very important role is played by the individual’s hygiene.